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Turn EVERY Workout into a Mindfulness Practice

January 25, 2018

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This month I am celebrating For the Love of Fitness PEI’s five year birthday. Even though it has only been five years, it feels much longer than that as I have worked in the fitness industry since 2003 and have always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit. I grew up wat...

Technically, my role as a fitness professional is part of the wellness industry that is heavy set into diet culture. And diet culture is a big problem but I want to be part of the solution.

Over the years I have removed the focus on weight loss and instead geared my coa...

If you know me, worked with me, or taken a class from me you know I can’t keep count that well. Weird for a fitness professional right? Guess what, we aren’t perfect! *GASP* I know, it’s true. On a good day I struggle to remember my left and right when I teach yoga. I...

This has to STOP.

Everyone should feel safe enough to be able to hit up the beach by themselves, right? I thought so too.

Thursday and again on, Saturday July 6th, both days I went to the beach alone to relax, read, journal and just listen to the waves and wiggle my toes...

Here we are, the end of June about to welcome July celebrating the birth of this wonderful nation. I am taking this time to reflect on the first half of 2019. Reflection is something I do often for professional and personal reasons.

In my experience it’s helpful to keep...

The StepMill is my favorite cardio machine workout of all time. It’s this tall revolving staircase-like machine that mimics climbing moving stairs that gives you an incredible cardiovascular workout while strengthening your legs AND it’s functional! If you’ve ever seen...

I was diagnosed with PTSD many years ago.

Also, generalized anxiety disorder, depression and some other medical conditions including chronic pain that I manage to this day.

Fitness, specifically mindful movement is one of the main methods I use to manage the symptoms of...

New Year’s resolutions. Did you set any?

New Year, New You. Been there done that, right?

Are you over it? Me too.

Admittedly, I do love the turn of the New Year, but not for all the messages that prey on our insecurities; “Lose the belly fat for good”, “Your best butt in...

2018: The Year of Learning and Evolving

I believe in life we always have choices so here you are presented with two choices: the short version of my 2018 Year in Review below or you can read this full blog post full of all the juicy details of my year and what For the L...

When I post about the races that I participate in, it is not so you can check my race results or where I place.  It is to encourage and inspire you to get or stay active in whatever you find enjoyable. 

Posting about my races has nothing to do with me and everythin...

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