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Turn EVERY Workout into a Mindfulness Practice

January 25, 2018

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Continuing to take care of ourselves as we transition to our new reality is key to navigating these uncharted waters so we can be stronger on the other side of the shore.

This time in history is unique, new and evolving very fast. It’s also a time of creativity, innovat...

In the spirit of #BellLetsTalk day today, I'm continuing to share, be out loud, and help break down stigma by talking about mental health. As a mental health advocate that simply wants to be helpful and supportive towards others, I am open about my own mental illnesses...

This is a time of year where many of us look back to appreciate all they have accomplished.  And as I reflect on 2019, I too am reminded of so many great achievements I’ve had as a business and personally. And while all of these are wonderful things to be proud of, wha...

2019: The Year of Learning, Doing New Things & MORE!

I believe in life we always have choices, so here you are presented with 2 choices: the short version of my 2019 Year in Review below or you can read this full blog post full of all the juicy details of my year and wh...

Prepping for 2020? Read this!

Get yourself ready for an aligned 2020 that you get to design from you own blueprint of what you know works and what it takes then put it into action to make it happen for YOU! Let’s GO!

For this intention setting exercise, grab your journal...

Stay tuned for this blog post coming in December! Here is a sneak peek on the next post where I lead you through a simple 3-step process to creating your very own year in review to set you up for success in 2020!


Prepping for 2020? Read this!

Get yourself ready...

This month I am celebrating For the Love of Fitness PEI’s five year birthday. Even though it has only been five years, it feels much longer than that as I have worked in the fitness industry since 2003 and have always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit. I grew up wat...

Technically, my role as a fitness professional is part of the wellness industry that is heavy set into diet culture. And diet culture is a big problem but I want to be part of the solution.

Over the years I have removed the focus on weight loss and instead geared my coa...

If you know me, worked with me, or taken a class from me you know I can’t keep count that well. Weird for a fitness professional right? Guess what, we aren’t perfect! *GASP* I know, it’s true. On a good day I struggle to remember my left and right when I teach yoga. I...

This has to STOP.

Everyone should feel safe enough to be able to hit up the beach by themselves, right? I thought so too.

Thursday and again on, Saturday July 6th, both days I went to the beach alone to relax, read, journal and just listen to the waves and wiggle my toes...

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