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For the Love of Fitness PEI is proudly owned by Doris Ward of Cornwall, PE. Doris is an Award Winning Personal Training Specialist and a nationally recognized fitness professional for her positive impact with her community for influencing others to get and stay active. 

Doris earned her Personal Training certification in 2003 and has successfully trained hundreds of clients for over 16 years. 

From 2003 to 2014 Doris worked in several privately owned gyms and fitness studios across Atlantic Canada. After moving from NB to PEI back to NB then to NS and happily back to PEI in 2014, Doris decided to register her business name in October of 2014 and make PEI her final home and business destination and For the Love of Fitness PEI was born!

Throughout her career she earned her certification in STOTT Pilates, Schwinn Spin cycling, BOSU and Group Fitness offering those as class options as part of her services. 

In 2017, Doris earned her yoga instructor certification with YogaFit and began offering yoga classes at the Cornwall Town Hall where she now offers her personal training services. It is important to Doris to be a part of her community and offer affordable, quality and accessible programming. She also began to offer both group and private Pilates sessions and began her path towards earning her certificate in Trauma-Informed yoga with the YogaFit 100-hour Warriors program. 

In 2018, Doris launched her one of a kind Body Image workshops to guide others to work towards body acceptance through mind-body connection. She added Life Coaching sessions to her list of services in addition to the Fitness Coaching she started back in 2015.  Doris earned her 100-hour Trauma-Informed yoga Teacher certificate in the fall of 2018. This specialized training enables Doris to offer trauma-informed yoga classes in her community that are open to everyone that help support those who have experienced trauma and PTSD. 

Continuing education is important to Doris so she can continue to grow and offer the best to her clients and class participants. In addition to her trauma-informed yoga training in 2018, she also completed training in the following:

-Mental Health First Aid

-Peer Support Group Facilitation

-Life Coaching

-Mindfulness and Meditation

-Yoga for Chronic Pain

-Body Positivity

Check out the EXTRAS page under the Personal Training tab for the full list of continuing education Doris has completed.

In 2019, For the Love of Fitness PEI added 2 NEW workshops:

Goal Setting and Everything Running. 

Trauma-Informed yoga classes and Group Learn 2 Run programs are also available.

For the Love of Fitness PEI is also available for speaking and group presentations. Doris has experience in presenting in various topics such as: goal setting, motivation, core strength, body image, and all things fitness!

Writing is also a specialty! Since 2010, Doris has been a contributor to Optimyz magazine, a leading Canadian women's wellness media publication. Check out the MEDIA page to read her online articles. To read her articles in the print version of Optimyz magazine, you can purchase the current issue on stands at Indigo/Chapters, Superstore/Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart. You can purchase the digital version of past issues at https://issuu.com/optimyzmagazine

For the Love of Fitness PEI is much MORE than personal training; it is a full service fitness and wellness business managed by Doris Ward with great attention to quality, care and dedication, just ask one of her clients or class participants! 

Contact Doris by email: fortheloveoffitness@hotmail.com

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I lead with passion  to help  you be independent and to create your own long-term fitness success. We work as a team to learn each  exercise well enough for you to safely execute it on your own. We will work hard, have fun and make every minute count! Let's do this!

This month I am celebrating For the Love of Fitness PEI’s five year birthday. Even though it has only been five years, it feels much longer than that as I have worked in the fitness industry since 2003 and have always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit. I grew up wat...

Technically, my role as a fitness professional is part of the wellness industry that is heavy set into diet culture. And diet culture is a big problem but I want to be part of the solution.

Over the years I have removed the focus on weight loss and instead geared my coa...

If you know me, worked with me, or taken a class from me you know I can’t keep count that well. Weird for a fitness professional right? Guess what, we aren’t perfect! *GASP* I know, it’s true. On a good day I struggle to remember my left and right when I teach yoga. I...

This has to STOP.

Everyone should feel safe enough to be able to hit up the beach by themselves, right? I thought so too.

Thursday and again on, Saturday July 6th, both days I went to the beach alone to relax, read, journal and just listen to the waves and wiggle my toes...

Here we are, the end of June about to welcome July celebrating the birth of this wonderful nation. I am taking this time to reflect on the first half of 2019. Reflection is something I do often for professional and personal reasons.

In my experience it’s helpful to keep...

The StepMill is my favorite cardio machine workout of all time. It’s this tall revolving staircase-like machine that mimics climbing moving stairs that gives you an incredible cardiovascular workout while strengthening your legs AND it’s functional! If you’ve ever seen...

I was diagnosed with PTSD many years ago.

Also, generalized anxiety disorder, depression and some other medical conditions including chronic pain that I manage to this day.

Fitness, specifically mindful movement is one of the main methods I use to manage the symptoms of...

New Year’s resolutions. Did you set any?

New Year, New You. Been there done that, right?

Are you over it? Me too.

Admittedly, I do love the turn of the New Year, but not for all the messages that prey on our insecurities; “Lose the belly fat for good”, “Your best butt in...

2018: The Year of Learning and Evolving

I believe in life we always have choices so here you are presented with two choices: the short version of my 2018 Year in Review below or you can read this full blog post full of all the juicy details of my year and what For the L...

When I post about the races that I participate in, it is not so you can check my race results or where I place.  It is to encourage and inspire you to get or stay active in whatever you find enjoyable. 

Posting about my races has nothing to do with me and everythin...

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Doris is passionate about her purpose in helping others become more connected with their bodies through mindful movement, sharing education and coaching.  As a personal trainer and fitness coach, she designs programs that are welcoming for all ages, bodies and fitness levels.  It is her passion for fitness and well-being that drives her to inspire her clients every day to encourage them to follow their dreams and goals.  Through her workshops on goal setting, body image and running, Doris is able to provide experiences and tangible tools for clients to be their best in these areas.

Whether she is training a client, teaching group yoga classes, writing, running, reading, trying new recipes, watching a movie with a cat on her lap, or running errands around town,  she strives to enjoy each day to the best of her ability. She feels very blessed and grateful to be able to lead by example and encourage others through her classes/sessions and blog and feels honored to be a part of the fitness path of so many people.


Her hope is to inspire others with medical conditions including mental illness, chronic pain, and those that have experience trauma so that they too can better manage these conditions through mindful movement and healthy habits and not allow their conditions to take control of them. Doris walks the talk by committing to her own workout programs and works hard at setting and achieving her own health and fitness goals. She can guide you along your path as well.


Contact her by email for your consultation.

EMAIL DORIS: fortheloveoffitness@hotmail.com

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Jenny Gilbert

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Gord McCarville

"With Doris' guidance I have qualified for the World Championships Obstacle Course Races..."..

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